In order to accurately calculate international shipping, we ask that international buyers follow the following method for ordering

1.  Please email your order information to 

  • Include your name, complete shipping address, phone number, and email.
  • List the parts you wish to order.   If the part or decal comes with options such as colors be sure to indicate that to us. 

Example email:  

Hi, I am John Doe.      My address is:   123 International Drive, City, Region / State, Country, Postal Code.   Phone 123-222-2222.      Ship me the following items:    1.   Part # 12a   Replacement Condenser Fan Motor Mounting Bracket     2.  Part 70J Bezel-Bottle Opener for Cavalier C-51 & Post-WWII Cavalier & Westinghouse Chest Coolers

2.  Within 1 business day, we will compile your order and we will email you an invoice.   The email will contain a link where you can securely pay for the order online. 

3.   We will be notified when you pay, and we will ship the order out. 


Prefer to use an order form?  There is an order form below, you can fill it out, scan it and email it to us if you prefer. 

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