About the Westinghouse 42T 

The Westinghouse 42T is one of the rarest vending machines, even though it is the most common upright machine from the company. It was produced in low volumes from the early to mid-1950s. This is one of the most aesthetically appealing vending machines ever made, thanks mostly due to the numerous embossed and chromed details. 

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  • The Westinghouse 42T was painted solid red in the early models but was changed to the classic two-paint scheme of white and red after 1955. Still, the design didn’t change much throughout the years.
  • It is square with round corners and it has a noticeably large coin door with various details. At the top right corner of the coin door, it has the coin entry. To the left of the coin entry, it had the word “coin” and an arrow embossed, pointing to the coin entry.
  • The coin plate has “Westinghouse” also embossed at the top.
  • Below the metal coin entry, it has the commonplace Westinghouse embossed ribs in an inverted trapezoid shape, which makes it appear a little bit asymmetrical. Under the rib, there’s the chromed crank handle, and below the handle, there’s the chromed coin return.
  • To the left side of the ribs below the coin entry, in the middle of the machine, there’s the “Drink Coca-Cola in Bottles” logo embossed, with the bottle opener below.
  • At the center below the coin door, there’s a squared bottle chute, with the same ribs on both sides of the door of the whole machine.
  • The machine also has “Here’s a coke for you” embossed on both sides at the top.
  • The Westinghouse 42T has a capacity for 42 6 ½ oz bottles but it can also vend 8oz bottles.



  • Vends: 42 6 ½ oz bottles. It can also vend 8oz bottles

  • Weight: 243 lb

  • Size: 54″ tall, 26″ wide, and 22″ deep.

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