About the VMC 72

The Vendorlator 72 or VMC-72 is a very rare machine that was only produced in 1955. It was the evolution of the VMC-33 into bigger models with more efficient vending mechanisms. This model didn’t use a drum anymore – it used a four-vending hopper system which allowed it to hold up to 72 bottles. It was also the smallest dual chute vending machine ever produced, and since it was produced for one year, that makes it even rarer. There’s something about the VMC-72 that made it stand out – the huge Coca-Cola logo on top, which supposedly attracted more customers to buy the drinks.

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  • The VMC-72 is the smallest dual-chute vending machine ever produced. It was probably the method the company chose to try the concept.
  • The VMC-72 was able to vend 72 6 and ½ oz bottles. It won’t vend modern 8oz bottles. Yet, there’s an adaptation available – a shim kit –  which allows it to vend modern bottles.
  • The VMC-72 was similar to the VMC-33 in general appearance and it even had the same coin door. However, the 72 was bigger and had several key differences.
  • For example, it’s one of the machines that featured a very big embossed Coca-Cola logo “drink Coca-Cola in bottles” at the top.
  • It had a metal crank handle, two chromed bottle chutes, and the VMC logo in the center of the machine, right below the chutes.
  • This machine also had a lot of air vents – two on each side and three on the front door. It also had the words “Here’s a coke for you” at the top of both sides.
  • Even though there’s a main solid red version, you can find models painted with the 1956 two-paint scheme of white at the top’s 12” of the machine and the rest being red. Some even have an added metallic trim detail on top of the coin door and below the logo.

VMC 72 Specs:

  • Vends: 72 bottles of 6 ½ oz. It can vend 8oz bottles after installing a shim kit.
  • Pre-cools: 6 bottles.
  • Size: 58″ tall, 25″ wide, 15″ deep
  • Weight: 300lb  

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