About the VMC 33

The VMC-33 was the successor of the Vendorlator 27, which was incredibly successful in proving the concept of standalone machines. The VMC-33 improved the design of the VMC-27 and 27A, making it hold 6 more bottles and a simple mechanism that allowed it to use the same 27-bottle drum, but redesigned so it could reload the extra pre-cooled 6 bottles. This machine also proved to be very successful in the market – it sold along with the VMC-27 and Dual 27 since they weren’t discontinued and sales were good. Eventually, the VMC-33 replaced the VMC-27A or Dual 27 in production.

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  • The VMC-33 was very similar in terms of design to the VMC-27A, however, it was an optimized vending machine.
  • As its name states, it vends 33 bottles of sizes of up to 8oz. It uses a vending drum that takes up to 28 bottles, minus one to start the machine – still, it was different than the VMC-27 because the vending drum allowed for 6 more bottles. In the center of the vending drum, it has space for 6 more bottles, which are reloaded automatically as the drum rotates in service.
  • It can also pre-cool 27 more bottles below the drum, to the left of the cooling system’s evaporator.
  • Since the VMC-27A is very similar to the VMC-33, they have a lot of interchangeable parts.
  • There were two main versions of the VMC-33 produced. The first one had a two-piece aluminum door painted silver –  this was the model produced starting in 1952.
  • The second version had a one-piece door painted red to match the rest of the machine. They were introduced starting in 1954 and were produced until 1955.
  • Even though these were the main changes in the machine, there were other smaller changes throughout the years. For example, from 1952 until 1954, the machines were red inside as well as outside and had a stainless steel trim above the bottle chute.
  • It was a mechanically operated machine. You had to introduce 5 cents or 10 cents in the coin entry, and crank the chromed handle. Only then the bottle would come out of the top chute.
  • There are also Pepsi versions of this machine.
  • Finally, it used a Tecumseh cooling system 


Vendo 33 Specs:

  • Vends: 33 6.5oz, but it can also vend 8oz bottles.
  • Pre-cools: 27 bottles.
  • Operation: Manual
  • Size: 52″ high, 25” wide, and 16″ deep.
  • Weight: 231lbs
  • Refrigeration Specs:
  • Tecumseh cooling system, 1/10 HP.
  • Serial Number Information: 
  • The early VMC-33 from 1952 to 1954 have only two serial plates – one in the compressor and one in the cabinet.
  • The VMC-33 from 1955 has a third metal id tag in the base of the compressor, making it easier to establish a date of manufacture.

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