About the Vendo Milk Machine

Vendo’s Milk Machine is definitely an interesting, rare, and very unique machine that’s a little bit unexpected from a company mostly dedicated to creating soda vending machines. The Vendo Milk Machine was created using parts of the Vendo 81, it was introduced in 1952 and produced for 7 years until 1959. The machine is similar to the Vendo 81 with a few key differences, like the vending mechanism.

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  • The Vendo Milk Machine was created using mostly the same parts of the Vendo 81, another highly popular vending machine from the company. It was produced from 1952 until 1959.
  • This machine was a multiple-selection milk machine, meaning you could pick up to three different kinds of milk cartons and one of orange juice.
  • To use it, you had to insert the coin in the coin entry, push the button of your drinks selection, and then remove it from the chute below.
  • This machine has a drink showcase at the top to show the drinks it had inside – complete with see-through plexiglass with a lock and inviting advertising.
  • From top to bottom, the machine had a metal plate attached with screws on top of the coin door. The plate had a decal with the words “refreshing milk it’s cold”, with the word “milk” in uppercase. Right below that was the rectangular coin door with the short side colocated horizontally.
  • At the top of the coin door is the chromed coin insert. Below that, there was a selection panel with four buttons on the right side, and a small sign displaying the flavor to the left. Finally, at the bottom left side of the coin door, there’s the coin return. 
  • Below the coin door, there’s the bottle or carton chute with chromed lining and a small plexiglass lid you have to push to retrieve the drink.
    They always came with the Vendo logo located at the bottom right corner.
  • The machines were painted with a very light blue that’s appealing and much different from the other colors used for the Vendo 81.
  • This machine has the capacity to store and vend 72 ½ pint cartons.

Vendo Milk Machine Specs:

  • Vends: 72 ½ pint cartons.

  • Size: 58” tall, 27” wide, 16” deep

These machines are very pricey – if you have one, collectors are always willing to pay a pretty penny for it and for pieces.

Various Sources were used in compiling this information,
a list of sources is located at the bottom of this page

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