About the Vendo Coin Changer

Vendo Coin Changers are one of Vendo’s ventures into different markets – this time around improving sales and value of their soda vending machines. The Vendo Coin Changers were meant to increase sales and create “goodwill” in different areas where it was hard to get change. Change was always crucial before the 1950s because vending machines didn’t take anything else than nickels – so you were doomed if you had only quarters. This machine was the perfect solution for high-volume locations and vendors would usually have them installed around vending machines or even attached to them in some cases.

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  • Vendo Coin Changers were produced from the late 1940s to the mid-1950s to respond to the common problem of wanting a coke and not having change.
  • According to marketing brochures, these machines would increase sales by 22%, which meant more cokes could be sold in the same location.
  • Also, they were marketed as a tool to build goodwill with customers, who were supposedly attracted to the locations that used these machines because they were more convenient.
  • Their design was reminiscent of vending machines, usually having a red body with chromed embossed details like the coin entry, coin return plate embossed with “Coin Changer” and “the Vendo Company” below, and a plexiglass panel.
  • The plexiglass panel could hold advertising for anything, though it usually was reserved for Coca-Cola.
  • They were mechanical machines, so you didn’t have to plug them in.
  • These were very small machines that could be placed on walls, attached to machines, and some even had a stand to place them around vending machines.


Vendo Coin Changer Specs:

  • Size: 15 ½” tall, 11½” wide, 5” deep
  • Capacity: $20 in nickels or 400 nickels.
  • Weight: 21.4lbs

    These machines are highly sought after by avid collectors, mostly because they can complement the appearance of any vending machine, whether it’s placed around or attached to it.

Various Sources were used in compiling this information,
a list of sources is located at the bottom of this page

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