About the Vendo 83

The Vendo 83 was the first ever mass-produced vending machine made by Vendo and proved to be a very successful venture. Several models were produced and during later years, other companies started creating conversion kits to keep using them as long as possible. That’s why you can find various models available. The Vendo 83 was a very successful machine that pretty much proved that the concept of upright vending machines worked well for the Fresno-based company. They were produced for almost a decade, from 1946 until 1955. However, they could have been more popular if it weren’t for the weight of the machines.

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  • The Vendo 83 had a honeycomb drum and a simple vending mechanism, which was used on the two versions of the machines.

  • The machine can vend 83 bottles as its name states and it can pre-cool up to 75.

  • There’s a version that’s manually operated, let’s talk about it first. To operate it, you had to insert a coin and open the bottle door, which at the same time moved the drum, and presented you with a coke. You grabbed it and that was it!

  • A second, electrical model was made, which only required that you inserted the coin, which would start the moving mechanism inside, and present the coke. The bottle door wasn’t part of the mechanism, and you only had to open it and take your coke.

  • For the first two years of production, the Vendo 83 had very distinct features, like a large aluminum plate that was in front of the machine.

  • However, this changed in 1948, and instead of a large aluminum plate, it had only two stainless steel put one on top and one below the bottle door perpendicularly. There were also other small and big changes during this period, like the position of the logo, bottle opener type, and position, and even the brand of the compressor they used.

  • Even though this machine is not very big at 63” tall, 32 & ½ wide, and 18” deep, it was surely heavy. It weighs about 450 lbs!

  • Something interesting about them is that they stopped being produced in 1955, a year before Coca-Cola decided to use the two-paint scheme.

  • The interesting thing about this is that you can find models that were painted white and red to mimic that new line of machines.

  • Conversion kits for these machines were incredible. Some of them even allowed the machine to vend several different flavors, which made it even more convenient.

Vendo 83 Specs

  • Vends:83 bottles of up to 8oz. Some conversion kits allowed it to vend up to 12 oz.
  • Pre-cools: 75
  • Size: 63” tall, 32 & ½ wide, and 18” deep
  • Weight: 450lbs

Various Sources were used in compiling this information,
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