About the Vendo 80

The Vendo 80 or V-80 was one of the less-popular upright vending machine models made by Vendorlator. Even though they were similar insize to models like the V-81, the V-80 didn’t enjoy much of their popularity for some reason. 

They were introduced in 1955 and were produced for four years. 

Three different models were made. One with a full red coat of paint, one with a red and white paint scheme and chromed trim details, and one with a red and white paint scheme, chromed trim details, and a textured aluminum plate on the front door. This was also an electrically operated machine.

Vendo 216, Vendo 144, and the Vendo 80 are all in the same family.   All 3 are basically the same machine, just different sizes.  The 216 is the big brother, the Vendo 144 is the middle child, and the Vendo 80 which is the baby brother. 

You can buy parts for the Vendo 80 here


  • .Vends: 80 8oz bottles  
  • Pre-cools: 20
  • Operation: Electric
  • Size: 58″ high, 27″ wide, and 16″ deep. 


Vendo 80 Specs:




Serial Number Information


Various Sources were used in compiling this information,
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