About the Vendo 23 or V-23

The Vendo 23 is almost a staple vending machine that was produced for over 10 years. Between 1949 and 1960, these machines took the market by storm, becoming one of the top-selling Vendo machines, even though it was also showcased with newer designs across the years. But throughout all those years, the V-23 was modified and redesigned quite a bit, so much so that there are three different models (even though most sites seem to talk about only two). There’s the Vendo A23A, the original and classic version.   The Vendo A23B, the so-called Deluxe version.  And the Vendo A23E. This is the most standardized and simplified version that came out in later years.  The “spin top” was one of the best-performing machines on the market. Learn more about them below.

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  • First, we have to talk about the Vendo A23A, the classic, original model. This one was introduced in 1949 and was produced until 1950. Even though the “spin top” is a common, almost folkloric name given to this machine, it was actually used by the company itself. That’s what the first A in the model name stands for.
  • The A23A was different than the others because it had a simpler mechanism. After inserting the coin in the stainless still coin entry, you had to mechanically operate the machine by spinning the top yourself. This would allow you to retrieve your Coke by opening the latch on top.
  • The distinct features of the V-A23A were a silver-painted top, embossed Coca-Cola letters on the front, and the classic “ice cold” words embossed below. The side of the machine featured “have a coke” decals. And finally, the front of the machine also gave you access to a case storage area with a simple cut-out handle.
  • Around 1951, a new machine was introduced, the Vendo A23B which was called the deluxe model. It featured a very different design with an “orange squeeze” knob that allowed you to mechanically rotate the spinning top. That was much more comfortable.
  • Additionally, the knob was chromed and was accompanied by a brand-new silver-painted top lid with a handle. The other differences were that the storage area had the “ice cold” words embossed on the door and that the cut-out hole was replaced by a handle.
  • In 1954, the Vendo A23E was the last design introduced. It was painted red from top to bottom and had the same rotating mechanism as the A23B. Also, they removed the embossed details from the flat front surface. The bi-fold hinge in the storage area was changed to a simpler welded shelf. And finally, the “ice cold” letters were replaced by the Vendo logo in the bottom right corner of the storage door.
  • There was also a different aesthetic design introduced in 1958 for the Vendo A23E which used a white fishtail Coca-Cola logo instead of the classic lettering.


Vendo 23 Specs:

  • Vends: 23 – 8oz bottles
  • Pre-cools: 7
  • Operation: Manual
  • Size: 36″ high, 24″ wide, and 21″ deep


Kelvinator cooling system

Serial Number Information: 

  • The serial number plate was mounted inside the cabinet.
  • It shows only a model and serial number, without a date code.

Various Sources were used in compiling this information,
a list of sources is located at the bottom of this page

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