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Quikold was a small company and subsidiary of S&S, another manufacturing company of the time. Both companies produced similar ice coolers in the 1940s and early 1950s. Still, Quikold also made some electrical coolers and the so-called sliders for Royal Crown in the 1950s. Both companies weren’t as popular as others of the time, however, they produced several chest-type cooler models that became staples and in large quantities, which makes them rather easy to find. They also produced embossed coolers for several brands like Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, 7-Up, and more, which makes them highly sought-after and valuable nowadays.

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Quickold Cooler Models

  • Quikold Junior: This was the smallest chest-type cooler they produced. They can be found embossed for Pepsi (with the classic 1940s logo), Dr. Pepper, 7-Up, Royal Crown, Double Cola, Orange Crush, and more. These were very common at the time and measured 36″ high, 22″ wide, and 18″ deep, and were made out of galvanized steel, which made them somewhat portable and very convenient. They have space to store up to 40lbs of cracked ice and 48 bottles. They were produced in the mid to late 1940s.

    Quikold Standard: This is the second smallest chest cooler from Quikold. They also can be found embossed for a wide variety of soda companies. Some of them are even embossed for two companies at the same time, as it’s the case of the Whistle and Cleo-Cola embossed Standard. They were 36″ high, 31″ wide, and 23″ deep, and have space for 96 bottles.

    Quikold Master: This is the second biggest chest cooler produced by the company. It had space for 144 7oz bottles and ice, and it measured 36” high, 39” wide, and 23” deep. It’s highly sought-after by collectors because it’s a rare piece.

    Quikold 1400 and 1400 WD2: These were one of the first models made by the company that had wet and dry cooling options – basically, it was able to hold ice to cool drinks or they could have a compressor to cool them electrically (the 1400 WD2 had this option). Both measured 34″ high, 44 ½” wide, and 25 ⅝” deep and could hold up to 153 bottles of 7oz.

    Quikold 2000 WD2: This was bigger than the 1400s and could hold 208 7oz bottles. It was the first one to feature sliding lid doors on top and dual openers on both ends of the machine. It measured 34″ high, 44″ wide, and 25 ⅝” deep.

    Quikold 3000 WD2: This was the biggest model produced by the company – it could hold up to 312 7oz bottles. It also has four sliding lid doors on top and has the biggest compressor of all the coolers produced by the company. It measured 35 ¾” high, 88″ wide, and 25 ⅝” deep.

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