About the Jacobs Brand Drink Machines

Jacobs was a renowned company that created a few of the most unique-looking and aesthetically pleasing vending machines for Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Their machines are easy to recognize due to their mailbox-like round tops. Even though they are common, they are always in high demand and can be costly. Most of them orignally only vended 6.5 oz bottles, and today will accept only a 8 oz glass bottle.  

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Jacobs Models

Jacobs 26: This is the smallest and most popular vending machine produced by Jacobs – it’s amazing to see how much collectors look for it. This machine could only sell 26 bottles and pre-cool 41. It measured 54″ high, 19″ wide, and 26″ deep and was of manual operation – you had to insert a coin and crank the handle to get a bottle to come out of the chute. It had very distinct chromed details and was embossed for Coca-Cola. Since it was produced in the late 1940s and early 1950s, you won’t find them in colors other than red for the body and white for the lettering.

Jacobs 35: This is almost the same machine as the Jacobs 26, only that it was redesigned to fit 35 bottles. It has some minor differences like the crank handle having a new design, and a different distribution of things like the coin slot. They came with either Blissfield or Frigidaire cooling systems.

Jacobs 108: This was one of the bigger models made by the company – it measured 64″ high, 27″ wide, and 35″ deep. It was introduced right before they ceased operations, and was produced for a very short run, so they’re hard to find. They can hold up to 108 bottles as their name states and can pre-cool 72. Interestingly enough, these are fully automatic – you just introduce a coin and retrieve the bottle from the bottle chute. They were produced in the late 1940s and until the early 1950s.

Jacobs 144: This is a humongous machine produced before World War II – it’s one of the biggest and most inconvenient designs created by the company. They were created for high-volume locations and could vend 144 bottles and pre-cool 72. This one was also automatic. It measured 64″ high, 34″ wide, and 35″ deep, and weighed nearly 600lbs, making them hard to move around comfortably.
Jacobs 50 (Pepsi): The Jacobs 50 was only produced for Pepsi-Cola during the early 1950s before the company stopped operating. It’s painted Pepsi deep blue, it has chromed details and the classic two-dot Pepsi logo. They are highly sought-after, though not more than the next model.

Jacobs 56 (Pepsi): This is one of the most sought-after Pepsi vending machines – it’s the classic “Pepsi light-up”, as it’s called by collectors. The machine featured a new and interesting light-up bottle cap sign that used two bulbs. It also uses a shelf vending system, making it one of the few Jacobs machines that can vend bottles of sizes above 6.5 oz.

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