About the Ideal 35 Slider 

The Ideal 35 Slider is the smallest of all the slider models made by Ideal and also one of the hardest to find. It was produced in two versions – one to vend milk and one to vend cola drinks. They’re only different in the coin mechanism and the vending system. This is one of the rarest and most expensive sliders available to collectors today. 

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  • The Ideal 35 Slider is a chest-type vending machine produced in the mid-1950s in low volumes. They’re similar in appearance and operation to the Ideal 55, only that the Ideal 35 is smaller.
  • It has a very simple chest design on the outside, while on the inside it was mechanically complex. The Slider got its name because the bottles were held by the neck using perpendicular sliding rails. The machine has the capacity to vend up to 24 bottles while having extra storage space to pre-cool 40 more bottles.
  • To use it you had to open it and slide the bottles toward the release system after inserting a coin which would then allow you to retrieve the bottle.
  • The most common embossed version is the one made for Royal Crown. However, most of the Ideal 35 Sliders produced only had decals and a different paint job to identify the different brands it was made for.
  • On the outside, it had a chromed top lid with a chrome handle. On the front, it had the logo of the brand the machine was made for – as we said, it was made for several drink brands throughout the years. It also had a bottle opener and catcher on the front left side usually painted black.
  • They used a reliable Tecumseh cooling system.



  • Vends: 35 6 and 8-oz bottles.

  • Pre-cools: 40 bottles through the side loading door.

  • Size: 44” tall, 30” wide, 20” deep.

  • Serial Numbers: A manufacture date can be established by cross-referencing the date of the cooling system installed in the machine and the date stamped in the external cabinet.

This is the most popular chest-type vending machine from Ideal among collectors, mostly because of its small size. It’s a highly valuable piece of memorabilia but they’re not as easy to find as other machines like the Ideal 55 or the Ideal 85.

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