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The Daly machine is an antique found by someone named Matt Daly – it was named after him because there aren’t many of them. Still, this machine came from a company called General Vending Machine Co, and this particular model was called The Midget. We have worked on them in the past. The machine Matt Daly found was abandoned in a barn in Michigan and was in poor condition. However, the writer of Classic Soda Machines was able to identify several things about it. For example, he noticed that the machine used parts of other machines. Also, this was a pretty unique machine that used some sort of elevator system to vend the bottles horizontally, which is very rare in a vending machine. We worked on one and it was very hard due to the poorly made vending system. The machine Matt Daly found was for the American 76 Company because it had the brand in decals, which is also very interesting since at the time the common practice was to emboss them. The machine had parts from the Jacobs and Ideal companies, which were pretty successful at the time. This machine vends 32 bottles and precools 15. It was of manual operation and measured 49″ high, 32″ wide, and 16 ¼” deep – it vends out of the narrow side.



Vends: 32 and precools 15 6 and ½ and 7 oz bottles
Size: 49″ high, 32″ wide, and 16 ¼” deep


This machine was probably produced in small numbers for the American 76 Company, a lemon soda drink that existed before the 1940s, and for Harrison’s Heart Orange.

Various Sources were used in compiling this information,
a list of sources is located at the bottom of this page.   

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