About the Cavalier 72

The Cavalier 72 or CS-72 is the response from Cavalier to multiple-selection machines from the time, like the Vendo 81, although the former didn’t enjoy the same popularity. However, it was created for smaller, more limited locations in terms of traffic. The CS-72 has a 72-bottle capacity and is a slant-shelf type of vending machine, a vending system common for its time, and that had almost no complex moving parts. The machine had a very innovative vending design which would appear again in later models like the CS-64. This machine was introduced in 1957, at the same time as the CS-96, which was bigger and had more capacity. Both of these vending machines were part of the last round-top models ever to be made before the industry adopted square-top designs.

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  • The Cavalier CS-72 was a medium-sized machine that was able to vend 72 6 ½ bottles. It was also possible to vend sizes of up to 12oz. And it had the capacity to pre-cool 17 bottles.
  • The CS-72 came in the classic two-paint scheme used by most Coca-Cola machines after 1956, which made it look “fresher” according to the brand’s marketing strategy. For the cabinet, the top 12” of the machine were painted white, also with the words “Have a Coke” in red, while the rest was red down to the vents on both sides. Also, the door of the machine was painted white and had a chromed coin entry bezel.
  • The CS-72 has a glass door and was one of the first models to have one, which made it very desirable. You can see the nine different selections through the glass door. Another thing that increases its value is that it had a small light-up sign that would light up once you deposit your coin, and before grabbing your bottle.
  • At the top of the door, it had “Drink Coca-Cola” embossed in red letters.
  • This particular machine had several iterations, all of which had either a Blissfield or Tecumseh cooling system.
  • Even though it was very popular, and even so more now, it was only produced for two years from 1957 until 1959.
  • Throughout the two years of production, several minor changes were made to the machine, for example to the lettering of the Coca-Cola logo, to the lock-bar mechanism, and others that didn’t affect the machine a lot aesthetically. These changes also affected the name of the machine, which would be known as two different versions, the CS-72 A or CS-72 B.

Cavalier 72 Specs:

  • Vends: 72 bottles of 6 ½ oz, but can vend fewer bottles of bigger sizes of up to 12oz

  • Pre-cools: 17 bottles

  • Size: 57” tall, 25” wide, 22” deep

  • Weight: 240 lbs

  • The CS-72 was very successful, even though it was produced for only two years. Slightly less than twenty thousand units were sold of both the CS-72 A and B. It was later replaced by the CS-64.

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