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The Cavalier CS-64 was the continuation and evolution of the CS-72 A and B round-top machines, which had great success in previous years. The CS-64 came in several models throughout the years, but really, the first model was the CS-64 C. It established the first Cavalier-made square top machines which were part of a new generation of more modern-looking machines, however, they’re not as popular now as their round counterparts. The CS-64 C was really a nice machine that took full advantage of the slant shelf vending mechanism common at the time, which made it incredibly reliable, easy to service, and adjustable to almost any bottle size. The CS-64 was renamed CSS-64 in 1963, and years later during the 70s, it was transformed into the USS-64, which was able to vend cans.

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  • The Cavalier CS-64 C is one of the smallest slant shelf vending machines made by Cavalier in 1960 and was meant to be used in small traffic locations. It was an easy-to-use machine with an electric coin and bottle release mechanism.
    As its name states, it could vend only 64 bottles of variable sizes between the classic 6 ½ oz bottles, way up to the 12 oz bottles. It was also a multiple-selection machine with a glass door that allowed you to see the different drinks available and an optional light-up “Coca-Cola” sign.
    To operate it, you had to insert the coins, which would in turn illuminate the “have a coke” sign on the door. Then you just opened the glass door and picked your selection from the machine. Only one drink could be picked and once you pulled your selection, the bottle bridge would close again, and the sign would turn off.
    The machine had appealing chromed details, like a chromed coin bezel and trims around the light-up sign at the top, and also small details like the correct coin lenses to each side of the coin plate.
    In 1961, the Cavalier CS-64 D was produced, which had exactly the same appearance and features as the previous model.
    In 1962, the Cavalier CS-64 E was introduced. This new model had a couple of changes, like a redesigned coin entry plate that also had a light-up “correct change” sign.
    In 1963, the Cavalier CS-64 ES was introduced. This model had no chromed details and was practically the same as the previous model, but it was slightly cheaper as an end product.
    In 1964, Coca-Cola added the words “Things Go Better With Coke” to the side of their machines, creating a new variation for the period up until 1968. From 1964 on, the company was acquired by Seeburg Corporation, and models after that period weren’t as high quality. Finally, the CS-64 denomination was changed to CSS-64, continuing with the use of the letter F to J.
    The first models until the Cavalier CS-64 E featured a Tecumseh cooling system

Cavalier 64 Specs:

  • Vends: 64 bottles of up to 12 oz. The USS-64 model was a “universal” model introduced in 1979 that could also vend cans.
    Size: 55” tall, 25 ½” wide, 20 ½” deep.
    Refrigeration Specs:
    Tecumseh Cooling System
    Serial Number Information:

    The Cavalier CS-64 was an innovative machine and one of the first square-top modern-looking models ever made. However, it isn’t as sought after as other models because more of them were made, especially if you count units made after 1964.

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