About the Cavalier 55

The Cavalier 55 or C-55 was one of the early square-top models made by Cavalier in the 1960s. This was a very small machine, occupying only 15.5″ by 24″ space, and was created with small businesses in mind. This was, however, a 61” tall machine that was very versatile due to its adjustable vending racks. It can vend up to 20oz bottles, which is amazing considering its size. It was meant to be used with 55 original size 6 and ½ coke bottles. 

This is a sought-after machine due to its versatility and small size, which makes it a perfect fit for almost any space. In the later years of its production run, Cavalier made multiple-selection machines, which can be identified because they have the letter “S” in the name, e.g., “CS-55”. Additionally, several versions were made, so you can find models that are more unique in aesthetic appearance. 

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  • The C-55 came in different versions, the most standardized of them being the classic, fully red C-55.
  • Other models were the C2-55, C-55D, C1-55F, C-55E, CS-55 E, and others. 
  • The CS-55E2 is only version of the 55 that offered dual drink selections, it has 2 paddles on the face plate for selection.  This version is less common to find.
  • All the different models, aside from the multiple-selection model, only change in small aesthetic details which include the logo, the coin entry slot, the lights, trim and chrome details, side paint and decals, and lighted panel options.
  • This machine featured a Coinco coin mechanism that would accept nickels, dimes, and quarters, and also gives back change.
  • The one-selection versions of the machine were automatic, you just had to introduce the coin or coins, and it would produce a bottle of coke through the chute.
  • The multiple-selection versions of the machine had two buttons that indicated the drink options. After introducing the coins, you had to push the button of the drink you wanted, and then the bottle would come out of the chute

Cavalier 55 Specs

  • Vends: 55 6 ½ oz bottles, but can vend different amounts depending on the bottle or can. It vends 55 6oz, 52 10oz, and 47 12oz bottles. It also vends 45-12oz cans.
  • Size: 62″ Tall, 16″ Wide and 23″ Deep
  • Weight: 358 lbs

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