About the Cavalier 33

The Cavalier 33 or C-33 was the successor to the previous C-27 from the Chattanooga company. This model could accommodate 6 more bottles thanks to an internal redesign – it was certainly an upgrade from the previous model. It had a Tecumseh cooling system that was much more advanced than the C-27’s Westinghouse cooling system. Aside from that, the machine has a resemblance to its predecessor, while at the same time having noticeable new elements that made it look more modern and in line with the design trends of its time..

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  • The Cavalier 33 coke machine had a redesigned interior that removed the drum-based vending system while allowing more space to store 6 more bottles.
  • The internal changes were possible due to the new, more compact, and efficient Tecumseh cooling system, which didn’t occupy as much space.
  • The machine still retained some aesthetic details from its predecessors, like a chromed bottle chute, bottle opener, and crank. However, the classic star-shaped handle and the ship steering wheel handle were replaced by a sturdier, more reliable crank.
  • Something interesting about this machine is that it had no brand embossing, which is why you can find Pepsi and 7-Up versions of the machine, whereas the C-27 was only made for Coca-Cola. There were several variations of this machine. That includes different paint schemes for different brands.
  • There were two main versions made for Coca-Cola. A solid red version, which was made before 1956, made the machine look pretty similar to the previous model. And the second version was made after 1956 with a two-paint scheme of red and white.
  • Only the door of the C-33 was white in the two-paint version, and it had the “Coca-Cola” logo in red.
  • The machine also had vents on both sides and usually was decorated with decals.
  • Only about 2500 units were made, including about 500 made specifically for 7-Up.

Cavalier 33 Specs:

  • Vends: 33 bottles of up to 8 oz. Pre-cools: 9 bottles
    Size: 41″ Tall, 18″ Wide, and 22″ Deep
    Refrigeration Specs:  Tecumseh cooling system

    The Cavalier 33 didn’t enjoy much of the popularity of the C-27, however, it did set a precedent for better machines to come. Nowadays, these machines are rare, but spare parts are rather easy to find.

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