About the Cavalier 27

The Cavalier C-27 is one of the most sought-after machines you could name in a conversation. They were created by Cavalier specifically for low-volume places, like pharmacies and corporate offices. What makes this particular Cavalier machine is that less than 6000 units were made. That’s why they’re so rare and hard to find, and incredibly expensive if found in good condition. There are two versions that vary in just one seemingly minute detail – one that increases its price and rarity score immensely. You see, there’s a version of the machine that came with a star handle, which is the more standardized design. But before that, there was a version that came with a “ship’s” steering wheel-like handle, which is a real treasure among hardcore collectors.

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  • The Cavalier C-27 was first introduced in 1949 and was produced until 1956.
  • It was a small, but powerful unit with the capacity to vend 27 bottles, and pre-cool 9.
  • The machine was red with the words “drink Coca-Cola” embossed at the front top, right below the coin entry, located at the top of the machine. It had a red light to warn when the machine was empty right next to the coin entry.
  • To the left of the embossed logo, there’s the bottle opener, and to the right the handle.
  • The machine was introduced with a ship’s steering wheel-like handle, which gives the machine a very unique appearance. However, it was changed to a star handle that curved towards the machine later.
  • On the left side below the handle, there’s the coin return.
  • In the middle of the machine, there was the bottle chute. And finally at the bottom, the words “ice cold” are embossed in white letters.
  • On both sides, it had the same “drink Coca-Cola” logo embossed in white letters at the top, and “ice cold” at the bottom.
  • This model used a 14-slot bottle drum that allowed users to stack up to 27 bottles.
  • You could only insert 5 cents, however, you can often find machines where the coin mechanism has been replaced to accept different coins.
  • It can vend bottles of the original 6 and ½ oz but it can also vend 8 oz bottles.

Cavalier 27 Specs:

  • Vends: 27 bottles of up to 8 oz.
    Pre-cools: 9 bottles
    Size: 41″ Tall, 18″ Wide, and 22″ Deep

The highly sought-after Cavalier 27 is a one-of-a-kind machine. Even though it is small in size, it’s definitely eye candy for the avid collector, and a high-ticket investment as well

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