About the Cavalier 124

The Cavalier 124 is one of the largest vending machines made by the company in the late 50s – it’s actually the second largest. This machine was meant to be used in high-traffic areas such as parks and other recreational locations. As their name states, they can vend up to 124 6 ½ oz bottles, but they can also vend bottle sizes of up to 12 oz in smaller quantities. Another interesting fact about this machine is that it was electric and had buttons for the vending machines, something rather revolutionary for its era. This machine was produced nearly a decade starting in the early 1950s.

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  • The Cavalier 124 is the second largest vending machine ever produced by Cavalier in the early 1950s and for almost a decade.
  • This machine had a capacity of 124 6 ½ oz bottles or fewer bottles of up to 12 oz.
  • The machine was created to vend 50% of the bottles (62) of only Coca-Cola, and the other 50% divided between the other two flavors. It also could pre-cool 82 additional bottles.
  • It was innovative in that it had three buttons to choose your drinks. To operate it, you just had to introduce a coin, which would light up a “have a Coke” sign right next to the coin entry, and then you had to push a button that marked your drink selection.
  • The machine was very convenient due to its large capacity for cokes.
  • As for the aesthetic details of the machine, they were usually painted with the two-color scheme of white and red, but there are different variations. Some of the machines had the full front of the panel painted white along with the door. Some of them had only the door and the top 12” painted white and the rest with red.
  • All of them were embossed with “Drink Coca-Cola” at the top. Just below that, the door was painted white and had a silver plate at the top. It also had a chromed entry plate, a “have a Coke” sign next to it, and buttons to the right.
  • Below the plate, there was a chromed bottle opener. Further down the door, there was a bent coin release switch, the coin return, and two chromed bottle chutes. The right bottle chute was supposed to always vend Coca-Cola. 

Cavalier 124 Specs

    • Vends: 124 6 ½ oz bottles and fewer bottles of sizes of up to 12 oz.

    • Pre-cools: 82 6 ½ bottles.

    • Size: 24 2/4” wide, 28 ½” deep, and 68 ¼” tall.

    • Refrigeration Specs: Blissfield cooling system

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