About the Cavalier 102

The Cavalier 102 is a very interesting and unique machine. It is capable of vending sodas from two different sides as it was basically to Cavalier C-51 back to back. Both sides don’t share a vending mechanism, so each can vend independently if the other runs out. Another fact that makes this machine so unique is that very few units were made – only 500 in 1953. It is very similar to the Cavalier 51 as it uses mostly the same vending mechanism.



  • The Cavalier 102 is one of the few machines that ever had the functionality to vend bottles from both sides.
  • Even though it’s very popular among collectors due to its unique design, it’s also a rather infamous machine that’s called the “segregation” vending machine. Back in the day, and in the limited areas you could find them, the machines often showed signs that said “blacks only” on one side and “whites only” on the other.
  • It’s highly debated whether the company provided said signs itself, or if they were provided by Coca-Cola, however, the common answer is that they were created by the owners of the Cavalier 102s.
    Few of these machines are left, mostly because only 500 units were made before ending production in 1953.
  • As its name states, it can vend up to 102 bottles. It uses almost the same mechanisms as the Cavalier 51.
  • The Cavalier 102 is an interesting machine due to the very different “ammo belt” vending mechanism, which was innovative when compared to the drum systems that were mostly used at the time.
  • However, that didn’t make a big difference, because they would get stuck and required service often. This same issue happened with the Cavalier 51, but for the C-102, it was doubled.
  • These machines were completely red with chromed cranks, bottle chutes, bottle doors, and coin entry. They had “Drink Coca-Cola in Bottles” embossed at the top, and “ice cold” also embossed at the bottom.
  • The machine was also one of the biggest of its time, and certainly bigger than previous Cavalier models like the C-33 and C-51.

Cavalier 102 Specs:

  • Vends: 102 bottles of up to 8 oz – 51 per side.
  • Pre-cools: 82 bottles.
  • Size: 66 9/16″ Tall, 24 ¾” Wide, and 35 ¼” Deep

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